Samcla is a company founded by technicians

Experienced telecommunications and electronics engineers, among others, in the field of automation systems for agricultural applications.

When we decided to create SAMCLA, we had just one goal: to work in what we enjoyed. Always trying to be consistent with our personal principles, and to create products that meet all the performance and reliability requirements that the customer expected from us and from the product.

For SAMCLA, the boundary between what we do and what we are has never existed. This is in many ways our idea of a company and from the beginning we focused on it as a commitment to professional freedom and the chance to decide what we wanted to offer and, above all, how we wanted to offer it.

SAMCLA has been and continues to be a company of technicians, which over time has been forced to grow in other aspects necessary for its expansion. In any event, our obsession for maintaining the original essence continues to exist within us all. The conviction that every product that leaves our warehouse will inevitably arouse emotions gives us a burden of responsibility which is absolutely essential if we want to continue being what we have always been. And what we are appreciated and valued for.

In today’s world where anything goes, our daily goal is still the same as ever:

To design and manufacture equipment as we would like it to be for ourselves and to transfer the excitement that its creation arouses in us to the person who, somewhere in the world, decides to place his or her trust in us eand makes the effort to buy it.

More than 15 years after our first day of existence, we continue to think that this process is magical, and we continue to marvel that more and more people value what we do. In particular, because we do it based on our commitment as technicians… which, in the end, is basically what we are and why we are here.

Is there anything more exciting?