It probably all started on a rainy day, walking around our city… or any other.

As the rain fell, sprinklers and diffusers watered the streets, squares and gardens.

Would it be too difficult to avoid wasting so much water?

It was impossible not to give the idea some thought… there were already rain sensors being used in agricultural environments, private gardens, etc. The problem was that it was not feasible to use hundreds or thousands of rain sensors to control all the irrigation points scattered throughout the municipality. And while we are thinking about it, how expensive would it be to go to all these points to alter the irrigation schedules or simply turn them off if necessary?

It would be great if municipal officials or maintenance companies could easily control all these widely dispersed irrigation points from their mobile phones, computers or tablets. Automatically or manually, conveniently, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Much travelling time would be saved, maintenance time could be spent on other tasks, accidents from inefficient irrigation due to the wind could be avoided, irrigation at low temperatures that end up freezing the water could be avoided and, above all, very significant and much needed savings in water consumption could be achieved.

And step by step, walking in the rain… we had discovered a new way of understanding the maintenance of a city.

The Telemanagement of green areas via the Internet was born and we got to work…

Samcla was founded in September 2002 and since mid-2007 it has been leading the sector of telemanagement of water for irrigation of public and private green areas. Right now, more than 150 municipalities in 7 different countries enjoy the SAMCLA® Telemanagement System for their green areas. Many of them remotely manage all their irrigation points and control their water meters and possible leaks, their ornamental fountains and even their lighting on a daily basis.

SAMCLA designs, manufactures, markets and provides after-sales support for all its products. Its raison d’être and its only concern is Telemanagement.

In 2015, SAMCLA branched into residential remote management

From 2015 onwards, the most successful professional technology applied to the Telemanagement of cities has also been applied to our private gardens and homes.

From irrigation control to monitoring the urban waste container filling levels

In 2016, SAMCLA took a decisive step towards its full integration in the Urban Services sector. We presented the Telemanagement product for monitoring the urban waste container filling levels, using the same communications architecture as always, but introducing many device improvements for equipment connectivity, as well as data sharing with other horizontal platforms of the SMART CITY concept. The same reliability and ease of use at the service of a new sector in which our product has been very successful, due to its zero cost in communications and its versatility vis-à-vis other existing systems.

Once again, we tried to be the first in order to remain being the first…