SAMCLA has always had its own software to manage all its devices, but now also …

Currently, and due to the appearance of the SMART CITY concept, SAMCLA has developed a new generation of this software, which allows the sharing of the data it receives from its devices with the software platforms of other companies or public bodies. In this way, it is very easy for the data generated by SAMCLA devices to be published on other horizontal platforms or to be managed by any other parties that the customer may choose.


    Provides a solution to all the needs posed by the new SMART CITY proposals of municipalities that are committed to new technologies.
    With its design, SAMCLA places the brand in perfect alignment with the current context of many towns and cities in our country. SAMCLA can now function as a vertical application, as it has been for more than 10 years, or it can function as an application integrated with a horizontal platform, whatever its type. Therefore, SAMCLA is SMARTER than ever and is fully geared to the demands of today’s municipal market.

The customer can choose to use the software option that SAMCLA offers from its experience of more than a decade in this sector, or to manage their SAMCLA devices from a proprietary software platform. Or a platform from another provider… or all the options at once.

SAMCLA continues to work every day to be more competitive and deal with any request in a fast and efficient way.

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